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Nov 2017

Enchanted Forest Grotto

Weston Favell shopping centre is famed for its firsts, this year we will be welcoming a real, living and breathing enchanted forest, which will become home to Father Christmas and his traditional grotto cabin.

Weston Favell’s awe-inspiring Christmas centrepiece – the Enchanted Forest Grotto - will consists of 120 real life fir trees surrounding a traditional Santa’s cabin. This will offer a truly one of a kind experience; the first one ever created in an indoor shopping centre. For the first time, the journey to see Father Christmas will become as magical as the visit itself. Visitors will be introduced to the centre’s very own elves Spud and Eve who will welcome them to enter the world of Enchanted Forest to follow a trail of seek and find adventure, while immersing themselves in the alluring walk through the woods to reach Santa’s cabin.

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